Sunday, 25 February 2007

Bleach writing

Last week I mentioned this terrific tutorial on writing on fabric with bleach. I had a go yesterday, but first, I couldn't find my little bottle with the nib that I was going to use (well, I could find the little bottle, but I could'nt find the nib) - so then I thought I could use one of those water pens or, if you can get them, the Clorox bleach pens- but wouldn't you know it, I used it on some commercially dyed fabric, and absolutely nothing happened. this is particularly annoying given that if I spill so much as a drop of Domestos (a gel type bleach) on my bathmat or bath towels when I am cleaning the bathroom, it immediately strips all the colour out. But no matter how much I 'painted' onto the fabric, nothing happened. I have had better success with using it on hand-dyed fabric.

On this piece, I 'drew' around some gum leaves using my home made bleach pen - and it worked fine. I think I will add machine embroidery to this. I will have to wait until next weekend now to actually do the bleach writing, as I will have to go the art store during the week and get a fine point nib.

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SeamRippstress said...

Ooh...wonderful peppers! I used the Chlorox bleach pens too with unsatisfactory results.