Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Happy birthday to me - look what I got!

Just had to show you what I got for my birthday from my husband - rusty fish!!
There can't be too many women in the world who would be thrilled if their husband gave them something made from recycled rusty tin cans - I guess that's why textile artists are special!!
And check out the ingenious birthday tag - he has been making spatulas for christmas presents, and this is a bit of left over nicely polished wood that he - not sure of the right verb here - embossed? Anyway, took individual letters in cast metal and whacked them hard with a whacking tool. Clever, huh??
I haven't got time to put the fish out on fabric to rust before we have to leave for the airport - will do it when we get back on Saturday.


Doreen G said...

Happy Birthday Hilary
Rusty fish you lucky so and so.
Now there's a man who knows how to keep a woman happy.

katelnorth said...

so "whacking tool" would be the technical term, eh? Anyway, happy birthday to you, from another woman who'd be quite happy with something like rusty fish herself...