Monday, 26 January 2009

Blog anniversary - Not!

People normally celebrate the anniversary of the day they started their blog - I thought I'd do something different and resurrect mine after a year of no posts. Why no posts? I won't bore you with tedious excuses - suffice to say I am back after an unplanned but necessary break. Thank you to those kind souls who contacted me off line to see if I was alright - how thoughtful bloggers are!

This is going to be a very big year for me - one daughter getting married in a few weeks - I am up to my neck in chiffon and satin making three bridesmaid dresses -never again! Then in May, another daughter will make us grandparents for the first time - a pretty big milestone. And, while all that is going on, our house at the coast will get underway in April. By the end of the year, we will be living down there half the time and commuting to Canberra mid-week as part of our transition to retirement plan (not to mention, try and recoup the large amount of superannuation that has gone up in smoke in the financial meltdown plan). Oh well, we are so fortunate compared to many who have already retired and don't have the chance to recoup. I think there can be nothing scarier than carefully planning your retirement to ensure that you will be financially secure then suddenly finding that you are anything but.

I have done minimal creative stuff in my one year blogging absence - part of the reason I didn't blog, I think, as I didn't really have anything textiley to show/say and didn't want the blog to turn into a whine about all the things in my life that were driving me crazy.

But I have faithfully followed the many blogs that I read regularly and realise that they all talk about the 'stuff' going on the background of the artist's lives - none of us create in a vacuum and what we produce - and even if -is often influenced by the personal/health/family stuff, so maybe I will be less concerned in future to feel I have to have some new creation to show, or else it isn't worth blogging.

So here is my something for now - if you haven't already heard about Prudence Mapstone's Pink Project - check it out. I made these scrumbles for the project - looking forward to seeing what the clever Prudence makes out of them all. Pink isn't my colour, so I won't be bidding for anything, but it is nice to know they will end up somewhere in the world as part of a bag/jacket, whatever. And all the money going to a great cause.

By for now - and I promise to blog again soon!


Doreen G said...

Welcome back Hilary I was so happy when your blogsite appeared on my Bloglines feed.
I hope all is well now and you can enjoy blogland again.

Tazzie said...

Hi there Hilary - I had to answer your email question here, as your email address isn't listed.
I actually make up all my patterns and templates in Corel Draw, I don't actually have EQ of any kind. You actually have to purchase a different copy of Adobe Acrobat - not just the reader which is a free download, but the one where you can create PDF files. It's a different one, I think it's called professional or something. I have to admit that I leave all that stuff up to my husband.
Hope this helps

MargaretR said...

I love your scrumbling. Oh dear don't tempt me to get going on that too (smile) The trouble with blogs is they are so inspiring.