Monday, 23 February 2009


Luke Campbell and Clare Metcalf - married 21 February 2009
Well, it was worth all the effort, of course. The Wedding was wonderful - very emotional and just lovely. My three girls.

This shot is a bit far away, but the wind blew Clare's dress out just as I snapped it - I like the effect! - click on photos to enlarge

I have lots of other photos from the trip, including the Rosalie Gascoigne exhibition, which was great. But now I am tired and want to sleep in my own bed, so will post more tomorrow.


Judy Scott said...

Been thinking of you all all weekend, the photos are wonderful and the dresses are amazing, just rushing off to college but had to have a peep before I went ~ will come back tonight for a better look ~ Judy xxx

Doreen G said...

Congratulations Hilary you have done an amazing job with the dresses.
The 3 girls look so beautiful--will we get to see a pic of the 5 of you together?