Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Catching up

It's been a while since I posted, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!

At the end of April we spent five days at the coast relaxing after a very busy time at work for me - long days and sometime nights - the worst was working until 2.00 am one night then having to be back in the office next (the same?) morning. Ridiculous - so when all that nonsense ended I had five lovely days relaxing at our soon too be new home town on the south coast. Big seas the day we arrived.
I spent many happy hours sitting in the autumn sun, protected from the wind on the verandah of our now demolished house, looking out at this view.

This house is now gone - and construction has started on our wonderful new home.
We are off down for a few days at the beginning of June, so hope to see some developments - probably just a big hole in the ground, but that's okay!

While sitting on the verandah of the old house I whiled away some time on a crochet ripple blanket. They seem to be all the rage at the moment, and I got the bug from this wonderful website. Do spend some time browsing and checking it out - lovely, bright, colourful stuff!

Anyway, it didn't look too hard, and I now know a double from a treble, thanks to getting a learn to crochet book so I could figure out what to do when I took a scrumbling class from Prudence Mapstone about five years ago.

However, I have to say this thing nearly had me stumped. I counted and counted and cast on and ripped out so many times over five days I nearly went crazy, I simply couldn't get the pattern to work out - which, I hasten to add, was entirely due to my stupidity, absolutely nothing to do with the clarity of the instructions!

In the end I resorted to drawing my own diagram and counting it out to get it into my head how it worked and then had to use these little counter thingies. EVENTUALLY - I managed to get going - I do appear too be one stitch out at the very end of the row, but I am kind of fudging that.
And why am I making a ripple blanket? Well, my first grandchild is due in a couple of weeks, and it is winter here now. I have made him a quilt, but thought a warm wool blankie to bundle him up when he goes from the house into the car or whatever would be good. The only other wooly thing I had on the go was some scrumbling in pink and green, which would have been fine if he was a girl, but apparently he isn't. So the colour scheme was inspired by this mobile, which his mother bought for his room.
At one point while I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out the ripples, I decided to take a break and have a go at the hexagons that are also on Attic 24's website. Alas, this caused me even more griefr - again due to my complete stupidity and lack of understanding of how crochet patterns are written. This is what the pattern says:
So this is the pattern for round 2::
Chain 2, then 1 US dc/UK tr in same
stitch. Chain 1.
Work a bobble stitch into next stitch as described
then chain 1 to space.
Repeat 10 more times until you get back to
beginning and have 12 "bobbles" in total. Join round with a slip stitch
into the
2nd stitch of the initial chain 2.

I NOW know that in crochet, the two or three chains that you do at the start of
a row are instead of the treble/double or whatever, but I read "Repeat 10
more times" as meaning repeat everything from the start of the instructions,
not repeat the bobbling bit. Anyway, after more hair tearing I finally
figured that bit out - and I vaguely remember reading about that in my
how to crochet book, which I didn't have with me. But eventually, I
produced this

Ta daaaa!! Clearly I need to get my head around this crochet stuff a bit better. My mother crocheted and it always seemed pretty straightforward to me, but I have been brought low by my hubris and now realise there is more to it than meets the eye. But, I am perservering with my ripples and will aim to get the blankie done before the darling boy makes his arrival.

I have also quilted one more bushfire quilt for a quilting group here in Canberra that did the top and needed someone to do the quilting. I took delivery of my wonderful new quilting set up last week, and this is the first quilt I did on it. More of that next post, I had better get to work. Click on the picture for a closer look at the quilting

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Doreen G said...

I know how to crochet Hilary but those instructions are enough to do your head in.