Monday, 7 June 2010

Leo Campbell

I have just got back from five days in Melbourne, visiting my new grandson - isn't he gorgeous?!  Pretty good photo - that's what you get when Mum is a professional photographer!

And lo and behold, an article today in the Daily Mail, welcoming new baby Leo Campbell - what?? - turns out that is the name of Jimmy Barnes' new grandson, born last week - amazing - I never thought Barnesy and I would have something in common!!


Doreen G said...

That photo really make my heart melt Hilary -so beautiful.

welsh penny said...

Hi,I have a Brindabella Can Quilt frame and I am trying to find a stitch regulator to fit! I am sick of ringing Brindabella and getting no answer1. I saw your question on the net and I was wondering how you got on? Does the regulator have to fit frame or sewing machine? And did you get one? thanks Gail