Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Dyeing results

When my friends went home on Monday, I cleaned up and used up the leftover mixed dyes. They had used some greens I wouldn't normally use - quite limey, and some orange, which isn't something I tend to go for much either. Anyway, waste not, want not, so I used up what was there. Here it is drying on my Hill Hoist yesterday morning.
When they dried I also realised that my friends had gone for light/mdm values, again something I tend to avoid, so I ended up with a batch of fabrics I never would have got if I had been left to my own devices - and that has to be a good thing!

One of my friends brought me a little posy of violets from her garden. Aren't they lovely? I have a patch growing outside my laundry door. And there are small patches of white and pink ones in the front yard. I have a soft spot for violets - they were my mother's favourite flower - her middle name was Violet. They always seem so fragile to me, yet they grow in the depth of winter, and the leaves are such a luscious dark, velvety green. I had thought Violet was one of those old fashioned names confined to spinsters in Agatha Christie novels - but happily, not so. A colleague of ours recently had a little girl, and her name is Violet! How lovely. So here is a salute to all the Violets out there.

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