Monday, 20 August 2007


A long time without a blog - work has been horrible, I have been sick - you really don't want to know.....I certainly don't.

On to happier thoughts - I have a week's leave, so to start off on the right note, had a couple of friends over for a playday. Neither had ever dyed fabric before, so I got them started on that - it is a bit cold here for dyeing, so they have taken their little treasures home in plastic bags to wash out tomorrow. But here are some I prepared earlier!

I always swore I wouldn't get into dyeing - way too messy - but finally decided I couldn't resist the idea of creating my own colour combinations instead of relying on someone else's - I must admit, it is rather addictive.

After lunch we moved on to some other surface design techniques - stamping, mono printing, rubbing plates, with Shiva sticks and finally, some foiling. Great fun was had by all.

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Gunnels blog said...

It´s seems like a lovely playday! And great results!
thank you for your kind comment on my blog :-)