Monday, 1 October 2007

Day 3 - Mission accomplished!

Well - I got everything done I set out to do. I was up early and washed out all the fabric I dyed. By nine o'clock it was twirling in the breeze. The second photo shows a rust dyed piece on the right, and on the left is one of yesterday's rust pieces that I overdyed. This is the frying pan one

I like the effect that the overdying has - it sort of puts the rust bits into context, rather than just having them floating about on a white background. It has also brought out some details I hadn't noticed before. On the one below, there are a couple of shapes that look like fish -- the washers created 'eyes'- at least that's what I think!

This next piece I didn't show yesterday, before over dyeing -but I really like the criss cross lines in the rust bit. I got that by rolling the fabric around a piece of PVC pipe and then wrapping tightly with thin wire.

Here is a close up of it. BTW, I notice that on my blog, if you click on the photos you don't get a close up - even though that is what happens on everyone else's I visit. Does anyone know what I have to do to make it happen? Are there some special settings/options I am supposed to choose??

This piece I decided not to overdye. I really like how it turned out. I think it has potential to be a whole cloth piece, with some further surface design added.

Here is another piece using the bars from the barrel that my husband cut up. He drilled some holes in one piece (in the centre) and cut one piece with a zig zag edge, like a saw, to add interest (clever fellow!).

Here is a close up of those two pieces.

The only thing that didn't work was the screen I prepared yesterday. I am not sure what was wrong - I think the alginate wasn't thick enough, but anyway, no matter how many times I squeegeed the image wouldn't break down and start transferring - and it took me ages and ages at the sink to scrub the damn thing clean. Maybe I let it get too dry?? Anyway, I can have a go at that another day.

And finally - did I actually MAKE something with all of this? Yes, I did! A little quilt - about 10 x 14 inches. I fiddled around for a while not sure where to begin, then picked up a pencil and sketched a very simple design - the three rectangles and the circle, with a sort of wavy line going through. Then I gathered up the fabrics I had produced this weekend and tried to figure out what to use.

I kept wanting to use the bubble wrap discharge from the earlier post, but as soon as I picked up a piece I had discharged with some rug grip, I saw skyscrapers, and then I knew the circle would be the moon. Once it went from being an abstract to a little city scape, I decided I didn't need the wavy bit. I fused the pieces onto a dyed background with black Misty Fuse and did some simple machine stitching - free form around the circle and with the walking foot round the rectangles. Finished off with some fused binding and ta daa!!

I had a very productive weekend - I have lots of lovely rusted pieces underway and am quickly developing ideas for what to do with them. I do like the discharged pieces though, and still want to do something with the bubble wrap fabrics - maybe some postcards? Stay tuned!


Linda said...

Hilary, I love your rust dyed pieces and your discharge (and I am an orange person!). I have rusted things this summer and loved them, ready to try some more and some discharge. I even have some of those barrel bands still in circles, couldn’t figure how to get a good wrap around them so I will have to see if I can cut them up. Love the overdye, beautiful pieces and I love your cityscape!! Thanks for sharing,
Linda T

Feltique said...

Love the rust dyed fabric, it looks great. Haven't tried this yet. Looking forward to seeing more.

Doreen G said...

Oh and by the way Hilary you've been tagged