Friday, 12 October 2007

Off on holidays

We are off in the morning for two weeks down at the coast - can't wait! I always agonise over what to take down when we go - one time I took my sewing machine and completely pieced a quilt top; last time I took my embellisher and played. This time I am going to do some handwork - I recently made a little crazy patchwork piece for a colleague who is getting married tomorrow - silly me forgot to photograph it before giving it away. But I realised how much I enjoy working with fancy fabrics and doing the embroidery and beading and general tizzying up that goes on with CQ. So I have pieced up a few foundations to take with me to embellish.

This is what it will end up being turned into.
I transfer the writing using a photocopy/laser copy and solvent, then machine piece the foundation. I have packed a selection of threads, silk ribbons, beads and braids, so will see how much I get done.
Doreen has tagged me - apparently I have to tell you seven honest things about myself - hmm.
1. I need deadlines to get things done - give me all day/week/month, and that is how long it will take!
2. I am terrible at that whole spatial thing where you can visualise which way around things are supposed to go, etc. I am guaranteed to get it wrong every time!
3. My fabric stash is embarassingly large - I lived in the US for three years and couldn't resist stocking up on quilting fabric - thank goodness the government paid to ship it all back!
4. I like to try new things, but have decided I really have to focus and do something really well, instead of flitting around doing this and that - it really is time to decide what I want to be when I grow up!
5. I LOVE my Bernina 1230
6. I HATE doing bindings on quilts
7. Refer to number 6 - now I will only tell you this last one if you promise not to tell anyone else - if the quilt police find out I am a gonner - okay - I have several quilts stashed in my linen cupboard which have been there for a long time, and all they need doing is the binding. I have one quilt that has been quilted for - gulp - 13 years, still waiting for its binding.
Okay, now I am off down the coast so when the quilt police turn up they will find the house locked and empty.

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