Sunday, 24 June 2007

weekend workshop

I spent the weekend at a screen printing workshop, using fibre reactive dyes on fabric. A lovely group of students - the teacher was a dead loss, but never mind. I still managed to learn what I needed. The highlight (or do I mean lowlight) of the two days was the teacher incinerating some of the students' work when she let the steamer run dry. Personally I wasn't too fussed as I didn't like the piece I had made on Saturday, so its immolation didn't leave me desolate - just as well, I suppose.
We spent a lot of time standing around while she went off and did things - goodness knows why she couldn't have done them prior to class - its called preparation.
Rather than risk my second day's work to the fate of the first's, I brought it home to steam myself - figure even if I stuff it up, I can't possibly do worse than she did. Managed to get the first length done and it looks good - will post photos tomorrow - am absolutely exhausted from being on my feet for two days.
Have to go now and see to dinner. There is a lot of noise going on in the dining room - my two daughters, aged 24 and 22 are having a very animated debate about the merits of the government's recently announced intervention in Indigenous communities in NT. I just want to lie down and have a nap.

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