Sunday, 17 June 2007

Yo-yo update

I tried out the Clover yo-yo maker thingie - although coming from the English tradition, I call these little circles of gathered fabric Suffolk Puffs - but anyway, I gave it a go, and I am afraid I have to give it a big thumbs down.
It works by running a gathering line a scant 1/4 inch in from the edge of the circle, but you then have to fold the raw edge down with your fingers while simultaneously pulling the thread to gather - this just doesn't work for me. With the old fashioned method, you do the running stitch through the folded edge, gradually working your way around, then pulling to gather. Trying to simultaneoulsy make all the raw edge fold down neatly and stay there without the benefit of stitching to hold it, while gathering was just completely beyond my capabilities. In the time I fiddled about and still didn't get a decent result, I could have made three or four the old fashioned way!

I have got a little collection of these already as shown in the photo, as I plan to make a miniature suffolk puff top to add to my collection. I am an accredited teacher with Canberra Quilters, and each year, one of us takes turns at putting on an educational display as part of our annual exhibition. The year it was my turn I displayed a series of miniature quilts chronicalling the history and devlopment of different styles of quiltmaking starting in 17 Century Britain and moving through the development of patchwork in the US and onto the latest trends. There were about a dozen quilts in all which captured the major movements/styles. But I have had in mind to add extras to fill in some gaps - and a suffolk puff top is on the list.
This is the double wedding ring quilt using mainly original feedsacks that I did to illustrate styles of quilting in the Depression era. I had previously entered in in the Miniature section of the show and it won viewers choice that year. It is about 14 inches square (if indeed something with round edges can be considered square, but you know what I mean!). The rings were foundation pieced and it is hand quilted - I rather enjoyed making this little treasure!


Knittingand said...

I've made a few suffolk puffs with my clover tool and upon double checking the instructions, you do fold the edge over and stitch through both layers of the folded fabric.

I can definitely see how the instructions are confusing though. In several of the drawings it looks like they've stitched through one layer of fabric only without folding it. In fact, only the first illustration in step four looks even remotely like you're supposed to stitch through both layers.

Hilary Metcalf said...

Oh thanks Sarah - not surprised to learn it is my inability to follow instructions (albiet poorly written and illustrated ones!) that are the root of the problem. Thanks to you, I'll give the thingie another go! Love your website.