Friday, 16 April 2010


You can read about the art of gyotaku here - look in the sidebar on the left.  One of the things I uncovered in my printing/mark making box of goodies was this fish I got a while back (I remember when it arrived in the mail, AQIS, the Australian quarantine people had a field day, tearing the package apart and stuffing it full of dire warnings about the penalties for importing wildlife illegally!).  But when they realised it was only a rubber fish, they let it through.
This one was done with silver Lumiere paint on some hand dye.
I did some more gelatine plate printing - I have decided I don't like the first print as much - where you get a negative of the object - it lays down too much paint - I like the second print.

On my bike ride I saw this stately fellow fishing in the inlet - or, more correctly, hanging around where the trawlers come in, hoping for a free feed.  While I was stopped admiring him, I got chatting to a lady who was with a tour group and who was obviously also enthralled by the sight.  She told me that she was Aboriginal and that the pelican was her mother's  totem - it obviously meant a lot to her to be so close to them.

And finally, adding to my sign collection from around town - it is hard to get the scale of this, but it is on the side of a two storey building.  The restuarant has been closed for years - at least as far back as1996, when we first came here.  It has been on the market for many years too.  It's main advantage is that it is right opposite the beach and in whale watching season has front row seats.  I suppose someone will eventually snap it up, if they are seduced by the marketing!

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