Friday, 2 April 2010

Settling in

Karl went fishing the other day and came back in no time with three salmon.  We gave the red flesh to the dogs - who love fish - and turned the white flesh into fishcakes with chilli sauce for us.  OK, but I wouldn't go out of my way to have it again.

I have finally been able to just sew, which I have sorely missed over the past five months of being between houses.  When I unpacked,  I found all sorts of boxes of projects in various stages of unfinished-ness.  I could never start something and see it through to the finish, without starting other things in between, so I have something of a collection of  'works in progress'.  Rather than do a stocktake of all the UFOs and depress myself with a list, I just took the first box I opened, and went from there.  It happened to contain a whole pile of half square triangles in greens and florals.  I remember deciding to use them up when Margaret Rolfe's book came out.  It must have been sitting there for at least 7 or more years.  I distinctly remember that the green squares were cut from a pack of 7 inch charm squares - I did wonder why I had all these three and a half inch half square triangles, as they make up to 2 and 5/8th inch finished squares!  Anyway, I sat and sewed them all together and now I have a quilt top which has one  border on, and the outer border is cut, just waiting to be attached.
I also have a big pile of very annoying  little offcuts from trimming off the pointy bits - I won't be doing any more quilts like this - way too tedious!  I have a huge  bag of strips, so will do something based on strips next.  Although in between, couldn't resist doing up some string blocks.  I do love scrap quilts, of all types, and have wanted to do some string quilts for a while.  I have had this book on my library shelves for a while, and recently acquired Gwen Marston's book on string quilts.  So I have been happily accumulating a pile in between doing other things - very satisfying.
Karl has made off with the camera so I will post some photos tomorrow.

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